Facts first:

Today Blue is slighty under the weather (or maybe just wiped out) but we got to go HOME. No better place!

9/1 we return for round 2. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read here.

As for my normal touchy-feely crap:

I’m exhausted.

My creative side is kind of been on shut-down. The nurse-mom is on hyperdrive. 

It’s still all surreal and I’m not sure I’ll ever catch up on all of the love on fb and elsewhere that has been outpoured.  It BLOWS ME AWAY!!!!  I’m so incredibly grateful that Blue has gotten through this phase successfully.   Prayers.  God’s grace.  The shelter of his wings.  We’ve seriously been so well taken care of!!!

And if we are being honest, I’m also scared…of germs (and I’m not a germaphobe, at all, so that might be a problem), of complications, of that cough, of finding new help, of next steps, so many things big and little.

And yep, I’m totally impatient. I just want my boy to be recovered and get going with DBS…but we’ve got another kind of complicated surgery ahead and more healing and waiting and then we can start the process.  So weeks of recovery and lots of missed school. 

But I also see that God has brought us through some scary stuff, He will continue to carry us onward and that there is some amazing possibility right around the corner.


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