Want to go home? 

We asked the kid if he wanted to go home, or no. 

He stared intensely at the the “NO” hand. 

(We hold up hands as we ask a question, so he can look at the choice he wants.)

Comfy bed. Pretty nurses. Food on command. Both parents to take care of your every wish. Endless TV.

I might say no too. 

At the moment he and dad are zoning out to some Sponge Bob while kicking back some eggs, sausage and hash browns. 

Despite his wishes, home may be in our future (as in tomorrow). He’s doing well but we want to be a little more comfy with his stomach, bowels and pain management all running well.

The doc estimates at least a month of neck pain from all the tunneling, so we will keep up the pain meds. He keeps that shoulder drawn up.  My neck cramps up just looking at him. 

Normally only 1 or at most 2 wires pass through on each side of the neck.  In Blue’s case they had to do 4 on one side.  So after they pushed the rod through to tunnel for 1 they then had to expand the space and cram 4 wires through…ouch! But this may make things easier with the cochlears and revising and stretching things later for growth…I hope. 

No word yet on when it will be turned on. 

Momma may miss these night nurses coming in every couple hours and giving meds… Our stay here has been absolutely great!  But there is no place like home, and fresh air. 

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