Yellow. It mattered. It matters.

A lot has been going on out in the wilds of Kansas these days.  As many of you know, I lead a non-profit called pic-K, a calling that guts me and fills me up!

In October, just 1 month after my son’s brain surgery and weeks after our VP Susan’s daughter’s brain surgery, God had great mercy and we were able to throw together an amazingly fun and special gathering for well over 100 folks that we highly esteem.  We had incredible help and I count them in that number.  At this very last minute conference, we got the chance to work with Oliver Hughes Productions and throw together an even more last minute video, a video that we are very proud to share and to encourage you to pass on as well.

This video needs no into.  It tells our story and it reflects it through a hall of mirrors…and I’m not sure where/when that hall ends.

Perhaps you can spread the story too.

One click.  One share could save one of the 9 babies who will develop Kernicterus today.

#jaundicecandothat #jaundicemattered #preventableraredisease #rarediseaseawareness

For my boy, and for all of the beautiful babies at risk…watch, share, follow, or give time or resources!


One thought on “Yellow. It mattered. It matters.

  1. Miriam- the video is wonderful! You did a great job!👍🏻 You are amazing & we love you so much!!💛

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