Ready to go. 

There is something about fresh air. Blue and I got outside for the first time in 4 days today…and we got to go home! 

He smiled to be outside, but later he squealed with laughter over his new bb8 toy. 

Although I had a hard time staying awake on the drive home I was so elated to be outside and to be headed home!!! 

And as I pack away hospital bags full of medical supplies it starts to hit me. 

I go into full on panic over the setup in in his room, earlier today the same sense of panic gripped tight…about finding my sandals. 

Only it’s not the sandals or the messy room.  3 surgeries in 2 weeks. The reality is just now hitting my body like a train. 

Acting as nurse/mama even more full time than usual (with a month off school and more recently bedding over a hospital bed for 4 days). So yeah, I may have had a few little meltdowns today. My neck may be back in full spasm, and I’d be lying if i told you I am doing good.  

But my boy is doing very well! Aside from the idea that he has a major power cord running along his skull/neck (that might have been source of panic attack 3 today). He’s only taking the heavy pain med once a day and he’s just on Tylenol and Motrin the rest of the time. 

His stomach isn’t back up and running yet, and by that I mean I have to maneuver the big boy into like a pelvic tilt and manually get air out of his belly with his G-tube every hour and we are waiting for the bowels to wake up. But really those are expected post surgical things for us and we are very glad to have him home and doing well! 

Thank you all so very much for your fervent prayers and kind words and gifts and food!!!!  We can’t even process it all, it’s so humbling and amazing to think of how many people are petitioning and cheering for this crazy DBS apparatus to be rocking awesome for our boy and his grand adventure!  (Adventures being big scary quests that forever change you and your impressions of life, right?).

Never alone. Always loved. Home. 

One thought on “Home

  1. Dear One,
    Stil praying
    You are such a good mama/nurse. God is right there with you.
    Stress-a constant frenemy.
    I love you.sudy

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