2 down

DBS 1 is complete. 

Blue didn’t wake as much as they needed so placement is not as certain as would be ideal, but imaging was great (from Monday’s MRI and today’s CT) and we are hopeful that they got these electrodes in just the right spots.  The surgery took approximately nine hours.

Blue is in the PICU and will be monitored through the night. 

Tomorrow he may be able to have visitors, but it’s too early to tell.  We will likely be here a couple days.

9/1 Blue will have his 3rd surgery to place the batteries/pacemakers placed. They estimated that surgery will take about another three hours.  (It’s more complicated than most because of the cochlear implant’s and having to route around them and go behind his back.)

Later in September they will be able to turn this whole system on and begin to see how it works for him.

We are very grateful to have a boy on the other side of this surgery and flashing some smiles!!!!! 


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