Just be NICE: Sticks and Stones in a World of Special Needs

Today I’m hopping on over to my good friend Molly’s page with this:


Sticks and stones and gifts of words have come our way.

My boy has a type of CP that causes wild uncontrollable movements.  He hears with a cochlear implant, and he struggles to speak, but at best he can utter noises.  There is much opportunity for staring, kindness, inquiry, wonder, ignorance, and avoidance.

We’ve run into the gamut, and we are early in the game. I’ll never forget the day in the park when my boy first got a balloon.  His movements wild, a woman stood there with her jaw in the grass.  She seemed frozen in time, gaping at my boy.  My motherly instinct nearly choked me.

She saw the oddity.

I saw a little boy – my little boy.

I finally asked her…

read the rest here.

And while I’m on Molly’s front porch, I might as well tell ya: she’s the dear friend that has never lived with special needs, but I forget this all the time.  It’s as if the girl really has walked in my shoes.  She’s had her share of hard knocks, and she loves deep.  She asks the questions that few friends dare to, and I love her for it! 

Give her some love and check out her crazy story woven with grace at All the Grace Between.  


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