In the Shadows

So, I don’t just scribble here.  I also write and put some brainpower into a cause close to home.   I volunteer time over at picK.  We are dedicated to exposing the dangers of jaundice in babies and brightening the futures of those who have been damaged by it.  

picK has a mission heavy on my heart and an issue that needs to be brought out for discussion.

PLEASE, pretty please, read today’s post and share it!

A click of the finger could save a life.

Do you know that babies around the world are DYING from simple jaundice?  Our partners at D-rev tell us that they’ve seen as many as 20% of jaundiced infants in Uganda’s largest hospital dying!

The families burdened by the big K need help from the outside.
Help can be as simple as clicking like, giving $5, taking your grand baby in for a blood test, asking the doctor how that baby charts on the nomogram, or hosting a party (something like pampered chef) to benefit the organization.

Got other ideas?  Share ’em!  Go for it!  Be a part of the rescue!

click the picture to read our article and connect with picK

Rescue those in the shadows

if you'd like to email, you may do so at arearrangedlife at gmail dot com

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