The Boy and His Dog

You think he LOVES the dog?  he had a hard time leaving!

What can I say?  The boy LOVES his dog.  Malcolm is boarding and training to become a service dog.  We visited him today.  I took this on the way home.  Love this sweet boy, always saying so much with those baby blues!

Malcolm is a 10 month old Cane Corso (with some Dogo Argentino in his blood) that we adopted just over a week ago, and we’ve all fallen in love.

A rare breed that works for our family without tons of research? {I normally research EVERYTHING to DEATH.}  …only God.

The fact that the friends that we had over to lunch the next day had extensive knowledge of both breeds …only God.

After buying the dog and realizing that the dog needed MUCH more training than we thought or could handle – finding a great obedience school in minutes of research…only God.

Malcolm is not intimidated by Blue’s wheels or his movements.  A tough dog he’s been very gentle with the kids and loves to play with Blue.  This big boy also happens to think he’s a little dog and LOVES to cuddle.  Malcolm is getting some basic obedience training along with some service dog training.  He’ll be back home in December and in the meantime we will visit.

Smiling, laughter, tears…life.

You can’t have those tears without knowing something good.

at home

at school

One thought on “The Boy and His Dog

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