To the Boy in the Pirate Hat

31 Days of Rearranged Beauty: Day 1


Blue in the pirate hat that he earned for doing a great job while mom and dad had a get-away!




My dear boy,

When I think of rearranged beauty – I think of you.  You are a masterpiece!

You are beauty made, and beauty in the making.

These hard things – these struggles – these broken things that are not the essence of you, but that surround you – they are carving out beauty in all of us.  HE is carving out beauty in all of us – and the broken shards – they hurt. This process of being made – it’s not painless.

It’s hard, not seeing, not knowing where it will all lead – but wait!

We do know.

We do see the promises in HIS WORD.

This leads to joy – joy eternal.

Do our hearts have eyes?  Do our hearts have the eyes of faith to see it?

It may seem bleary, but when “He wipes all of our tears away” – it will be clear.

He’s not done making us yet.

Will the final step will be the wiping of our tears?  Then we will see with clarity the joy that we get faint glimmers of now, the beauty made complete.



31 days rearranged beauty



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