2: Mountains


Florida girl that I am, I’d never seen the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Never been much of a hiker, but last week my husband and I had a little mountain get-away (more on that later).

These mountains, they took my breath away. Every day, every minute, they were different – shifting shadows, clouds descending on them, streaks of light, blues, greens, all on the cusp of golden autumn.

Like the ocean, they possess a beauty that mesmerizes.

Time stops, and in this stillness a thought emerges:

The mountains were not born of ease.

This beauty that sweeps me off my feet? – it is the ultimate in broken and upheaved and hard-forged beauty.  It’s rearranging was no easy task, and it’s easy to forget that it has not always been as it is.

Tectonic plates clashed.  Hot lava flowed.  Waters rushed. Storms beat.  Cracks ran deep.  Boulders fell.

And now? Now it is something to take the breath away, something to climb upon and feel more whole, something to gaze upon, a place of worship, a cathedral of wide open splendor.

Today’s beauty rearranged: the mountains

and the sweet beauty that is born in crevices and on the crags.

Especially this day, when upheaval abounds in this furlough – when no one knows when or where things will settle, I need reminding.  It’s a message that the Bible repeats over and over again – and it bears repeating.  I need an alarm clock to wake me from this reality that I fall asleep to daily, this idea that is as big as the mountains themselves

…that the breaking can be a part of the making.

This world will always have fears and trouble to usher forward – to cloud our view of the grandeur-in-process.

When this process of “being made” comes in the form of loss, and heartache and screaming kids, and trials that seem to never subside?  What then?

As I write this, my kids scream in the background like animals in the zoo.  Oldest child is doing therapy in the front room.  One of the girls in stomping up and down like Rumpelstiltskin because, you know, it’s INFURIATING – not being able to blow bubbles in gum the first time you try!  (I’m half tempted to join her in tantrum, for my own reasons.)

I laugh.  I’m no expert in serene beauty and peace.  I’m learning, through the tip of a pen.  I’m learning trust, to trust the one who “does all things well.”

Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe. Proverbs 29:25

31 days rearranged beauty

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