31 days of Rearranged Beauty

I keep reading about this 31 day thing,

or more like seeing other people mention it

…and having no idea what it is.

Today I finally looked it up.

It’s 31 days

…of blogging


I dismissed the idea before I knew any details.

Have I ever even blogged 2 days in a row?


Ridiculous as it is – I’m in.

I have no idea if I can keep it up.

It might be “unhealthy.”

BUT…I’m loving the idea, especially through a lens.

I had so much fun with the #myrearrangedlife thing that I figure, why not?

Why not post at least a picture a day, and let the pictures speak for themselves?

The idea:

Beauty REarranged –

not by my hands,

not staged,

just however life has situated it,

however God has allowed it to fall

…because there is always beauty in the making.

(If you read here, you know me.  Undoubtably words will come too, maybe in torrents, some days.  For now, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  All I’m saying, is I will try to post at least a picture a day.31 days rearranged beauty

and…for day 1: picture soon to come!

One thought on “31 days of Rearranged Beauty

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