My Rearranged Life



Last week, I put on my running shoes, not to run – but to get some inspiration – to move

…and this is how I moved.  This is the idea that came:

My Rearranged Life Photo Expedition

Today I clean, but on this day last week – I took time to look around my house and laugh – to laugh at the blessings and beauty that come with the mess, the souls and silliness that fill this house.

And I’m feeling daring…I wonder if anyone else wants to marvel at the mess and the comedy in their home.  (read below)

Want to join me?

you don’t need a blog

you can post on pinterest, instagram, facebook,

….or anywhere you can type a hashtag (#myrearrangedlife)


The Rules?

  • photograph things that stand out at home
  • no staging – just the way things stand, the way your life has rearranged them
  • the absurd, the laughable, the ugly-beautiful and just about all things in between
  • but please DO refrain from the things that might make other people hurl…

a button bloggers can use:

my rearranged_button-1

or hashtag #myrearrangedlife

Link your rearranged photos here:

Link in or view other rearranged photos here

Link in or view other rearranged photos here

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