The Fair


We made it out without loosing the cochlear implant…or Kate.

I had a HARD time holding back tears as John loaded B into the monster truck – mixed emotions fluttering.

DSC03265Later, I watched a comedy

…and the tears wouldn’t stop!

{Crazy, I know.  But in my defense, it’s a comedy about a brain injury (50 first dates) and the soundtrack is essentially OURS.  Hubbs and I fell in love listening to those songs.}   Really I can’t spell it all out.  Sometimes there is just a break in the dam and before I know it, it’s burst.

And the bursting, it’s not all sorrow.  Happiness is mixed in too – bitter with the sweet.

These are sweet moments, even with all of the details that brought struggle.  Should I note the near loss of a son’s shoe on the carousel more than the lady that waited 10 minutes with her children to help husband get son back in wheelchair at the end of the ride?  Sweet moments!

…and then there are these 2 sweet moments to come that I’m just incredulous over:

– an upcoming precious bit of retreat with my man (not to mention the friends that are pitching in their own time and resources to make it happen!!!)  PINCH ME PLEASE!!!

– and next month an incredible conference (Allume) …and getting to room with a very special bestie!!!

For a long time I didn’t understand people calling themselves “blessed.”  It seemed presumptuous and day-dreamy, but truly to be a child of God, to know the blessed hope that comes with every once of pain, to know that the pain isn’t the end game but a part of the training, and to take in these gifts from the Father – to know that I have a Father that loves me and is working all for good, to have these moments, the smiles and these precious people in my life  – I AM BLESSED.

One thought on “The Fair

  1. Love this Miriam! We are blessed aren’t we? It is times like these when God changes our hearts from feeling like our lives are some sort of random chain of tragic events to feeling like we are the luckiest people on earth. Luke and Blue are perfect inside and out, all part of God’s beautiful plan! Hugs to you and your family!

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