the pool

Before I get started there are 2 things you should know.

A – I’m a 5th generation Floridian (Did you know there was such a thing?)

B – We have a pool, although we don’t currently live in FL.

This year, the pollen-covered-massive-wad-of-pool-cover on the deck might clue you in that the perk of a pool comes with it’s share of work.  And to be honest, I suppose I’ve been a little bitter that the amount of work we had to put into the thing in no way matched the amount of use we got out of it.  Between therapies, doctor’s appointments and 3 kids that are on a mission to drown themselves, and continuous feeding pump and equipment needs etc. – There have been a few summers where we made it in the pool a number of times I could count on one hand.

And remember, I grew up in Florida.  My mom claims I could swim before I could walk (at 8 months).  And judging by that baby tan I had, I think she’s right.  Summers were lived outside.  Meals happened pool-side, and my now dark hair used to be a dirty blonde.

There are many picket fences you never knew you had until you approach them.  Summers lived outside with my kids playing in and out of the pool – I ran smack into that toppled-fence-of-expectation when we got this pool.  And today – something beautiful happened.

Today – as a family – for the FIRST time: we managed to spend a couple hours in, and grill, and eat by the pool!!!  Can you say American Dream?!!  (or maybe just a Floridian one).

Somehow between all of Blue’s equipment needs etc, I never thought it possible – but these girls keep getting older and over the years I’ve been amassing the tools to make this work:  the outdoor papasan chairs to support Blue when he’s out of the pool, the umbrella for shade, the the special head float so that he can swim semi-independently, and these awesome swimming trainers for the girls.  And today hubbs was able to take a study break at the perfect time, AND I was able to supervise the kids on my own for a while! (Hubbs has been studying 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, at this point.)

As I read my own words, I realize that some might take this as complaining…but really, I’m just using all this as the background – the contrast – to show you how beautiful a couple of hours by the pool can be…pretty darn beautiful!!!

Praise God that when picket fences fall, flowers can emerge that you never would have noticed, but for the fence falling!

IMG_0874 IMG_0877 IMG_0900


One thought on “the pool

  1. Hi dear heart! I love your thoughts. Your family is so blessed to have your joyous spirit weaving through their every day. It’s an amazing feat of head scratching God instilled faith to be able to continue, & enjoy, & laugh, & create wonders all while having tears flooding your heart in the quiet “what ifs”. Love the beautiful photos. Grace & peace, Jeanne

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