For the Birds


So, 2 weeks ago, I didn’t even know what the word was.  All I knew was that we had an avid bird watcher in our family.  I could see when a bird was near by watching his eyes. Actually, forget about his eyes!  His whole body is telling.  He nearly jumps out of his wheelchair when he spots a bird nearby.

In DC he LOVED seeing all of the fearless city birds, coming close.  And now, after watching countless bird documentaries and logging some hours on our porch, I know.  I know my boy is a “birder.”

Funny thing is, his sisters want to be just like him, so they’ve taken on the title and the passion for spotting birds too.

In a short matter of weeks we’ve moved into this territory of binoculars, stacks of bird books, bird calls, gray cat birds, cardinals, eastern towhees, robins etc…and utter marvel at these fascinating creatures!

Another beautiful gift!  And I get to watch them take it all in!

Stress seems to ooze out of every poor of my body this week, but this – these words – these beautiful souls engaged in observation – this brings beauty and stillness and praise to my God.

Hmmm.  And then I think.

If enjoy my children’s delight in creation, how would it be for our creator and heavenly father?  Might He not have joy at seeing His creation enjoyed by His children?

That is all.


DSC04228DSC04229 DSC04216

One thought on “For the Birds

  1. And oh how I love this post! Birds are one of God’s best gifts – true delight and inspiration all wrapped in delicate, musical, feathery packages. LOVE!!!

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