The beauty in the…

A precious friend scrawled this on facebook today.  It warmed my heart and bears repeating.

Fall colors are in full swing, and I, like everyone, am admiring the beauty.

It hit me yesterday – I am admiring the beauty in the dying.

Yes, beautiful fall colors are the dying of the leaves that gives way to winter. My pondering lead me to question myself:

When things are hard, circumstances not going my way – am I a fall leaf? 

…showing the beauty of my creator despite the suffering?

Am I acting in a way that people see past my bad day or my frustrations? 

Do I give focus to the genuine beauty that comes from God, the grace, the love, the joy from within?

Am I displaying the beautiful in the ugliness of life the way the leaf is beautiful in its dying?

All of creation displays His glory!

Oh, may I do the same!

      – From my beautiful friend, Dawn

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