Broken to be Filled

This is my favorite quote on disability, that I can’t help but re-post every once in a while! – Miriam

a Rearranged Life

I know a lot about how he feels, more than anyone else, I suspect.

His tears burn me deep. …but in the end: I’m not the one in the chair.

I BADLY wish that I could take the cup from him! But I don’t get to write this story. It’s been written for us.

He’s the one in the chair.
I push.
(I’m mom to a non-verbal child. He’s considered quadriplegic (with constant wild movements).)

I hope and pray that my son (and my girls) will deal with this well, as he gets older. Whilst wrestling with a bitter providence (that is appalling to most),

I pray for him to:

see and taste the goodness of God that extends far beyond what your body is capable of…

for him to see things ETERNAL


Joni’s words… They resonate.  They convict.  They reflect a savior’s heart!…

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