The Free Little Pets

She tells me the story.  I write.   All because, once upon a time a Momma prayed for a way to share her loves, her life, with her children.  …still praying this.  

Friday night I was reminded of this precious activity when my amorous child was suddenly sobbing, clinging. She would not let me go, even for a short date.  With an upcoming surgery of my own (read, “I hope I wake up” and “it’s time to do the things that really matter, like shoot the breeze individually w each child.”) and her brother’s needs often taking the forefront, I was reminded that she needed this time…time to be free.  

So today I took her on a lunch date and remembered – sometimes fairy tales are born out of tears. 

If you like following the twists and turns from a 7-year-old mind, read on.

Once  upon a time, there were a dog a cat and a mouse.  We must tell you, they were very close friends, and they knew that no matter what happened, their friendship would keep them alive, and in the meantime, they’d have fun.

They played and they played and they played, until the big bad animal came and squeezed them until they found themselves stuck in a ice cold cube.

Now this was quite the predicament.  How were they ever to escape?  No problem.   They were resourceful.   They licked themselves out of it.  As it turned out – it wasn’t ice after all but a massive sugar cube.

Would you believe that next, they found a magical cave?  The cave itself spoke, shaking the ground around them and saying, “Prepare to enter the cave of your least greatest fears.”  They looked at themselves with jaws open wide.  In whispers they confirmed – this was the cave of their dreams.

They left the cave to go to a castle filled with candy and jewels.   First they ate all the candy…and we do mean all.  Then.  Then they lived in this castle of their dreams, free and happy, forever after.

Meow. Woof. Squeak.

By Emmie and Mom

photo cred -

photo cred –

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