On the Couch


We read there.  We snuggle our kids there before bed.  Then we have our nights where we sit there, bustling away on our laptops, kids tucked in bed, the dog cuddling between us.  Never enough time, we miss each other – so. easily.  But I want you to know: I haven’t forgotten you.

In my short and desperate little prayer time today – I remembered you, not just our boy, of the dog or the girls, but  Y O U, the man holding us.  In the midst of counting my worries and failures with God, you rose in my mind.  My calculations took a better form – the ways that I am grateful for you, grateful to have my babies in your arms, grateful to be held by you.  The clouds of worry dissipated into a smile.  I need you to know that – that you and those baby blue’s of your make me smile, even when you aren’t near.

I’m tempted to kick myself for not lifting you up in prayer more often, for being too lazy to lift that watering can over the soil that our relationship grows in, but that is the path of defeat. I’m glad I’m not alone with my bundle of needs.  There is something beautiful in linking arms, the load heavier and lighter all at once.

And I suppose I need to share in on my blogosphere, because there needs to be balance here.  Marriage matters.  Faith matters.  Jesus matters.  Sparrows matter.  Justice matters.  Things?  Things are the catalysts and couriers. They only matter in so much as they can bring us closer in the hand-off, remind us that we aren’t alone and that we matter. These souls we are raising matter.  Friends and interaction matter.

You and I – we matter.

Here’s to getting my work done early.  Here’s to a porch date, you and I.

How’s about we ditch the couch tonight?  Here’s to cigars and board games on the porch, you and I and the dog.

I love you, man.  That is all.

– M

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