Jamberry, Getting it On and Off

I’ve never had a manicure.  Never done tips.  Can’t stand paint of my nails.  Sometimes a tom-boy.  Sometimes adventure seeker.  A friend kept telling me to try them.  I didn’t.  She moved.  Christmas press-on nails for my little girls amounted to tears 5 minutes after I applied them.  It was jamberry time, and it has been ever since.  No looking back, b/c we are IN LOVE!
I love escaping to my room for a couple of minutes, jetting away from reality to do something completely unnecessary for myself.  Mom’s need that.  Special needs moms need that.  People need that.
And, of course, I’m also happy to know that Jamberry Nails are ethically made and pretty darn green!

Want to know how it works?  Here you go:


  • You can purchase from my jamberry store: BeTheBling
  • Or Host a party (online, catalog, or in-person) and earn free products



I recommend starting simple.  For basic application you’ll need:

  • Blow dryer
  • Jamberry wraps
  • Scissors
  • Nail File
  • Alcohol
  • Napkin or cotton ball

Later, I upgraded, and I very much love the convenience of being able to leave the heater on during application.  It makes the whole process much more efficient!

DSC07787 DSC07783

Optional: Push cuticles back, if you want.  I did this with my finger nail the first time.


Step 1: Wipe Nails with alcohol Step 2: Choose Jamberry size that will not lay on cuticles or skin Step 3: Cut Jamberry in ½.  DO NOT TOUCH the adhesive side. Step 4: Heat for a few seconds with blow dryer or heater Step 5: Lay on finger and apply pressure Step 6: File with downward motion Step 7: Apply more heat and pressure


I have weak nails to begin with, and the first time I removed jamberry, I RUINED my nails!  They looked worse than this.


I essentially peeled up fibers of my nails.  I peeled them off easy without heat, and afterwards I saw that the damage had been done.



I now realize how important this is – for myself and my child with special needs.  So, for the whole family, I use CUTICLE OIL as often as I can remember.  Daily would be ideal! I also LOVE love love the jamberry Indulgence hand products to strengthen and keeps nails, hands and feet healthy.


I also go with one of these 3 methods for REMOVAL, and always use a nail stick or something to peel up as gently as possible (stretching and pulling a wrap as you remove it is bound to pull up nail fibers)I:s1350263-main-hero


This Sephora stuff is THE HEAT, if you are going the chemical route.  I LOVE that you just soak your finger IN the bottle.  No mess. (If your nails peel easily, you can also use a dental floss tool with this method.)


Most recently I tried coconut oil.  This method is my favorite!  To do this

  • Warm oil in front of heater or gradually on reduced power in the microwave.
  • Soak fingers
  • Peel a corner of each nail (peel using the dental tool for best removal)
  • Soak again
  • Peel a bit more
  • Repeat until wraps are off


  • Removers such as this one can build nails up as you remove products, whereas typical acetone can be a nightmare for weak nails…especially if not followed with moisture.


I also highly recommend the product that has done wonders for my weak nails:



All in all, jamberry has been my favorite job and one of the most revolutionary and fun products I’ve ever gotten to play with!  Even amidst a move across the country, making my nails pretty and sharing it with friends has been a stress reliever…which just isn’t true of most businesses.  It’s also been fabulous in supplementing our families income while my husband looks for a job!  I truly praise God for this opportunity and the team of ladies that I get to work with!

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know!

Don’t be afraid to shine!

9 thoughts on “Jamberry, Getting it On and Off

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  3. How long did it take for your nails to go back to normal? And did those tips help repair them or just prevent it from happening again? Mine are a mess after removing my wraps – I even used nail polish remover to do it and it still destroyed mine.

    • Hi Lauren, when I damaged my nails with improper removal coconut oil / and or cuticle oil did help heal them.
      What I’ve learned along the way is that it’s important to soak them in standard polish remover until they begin to disintegrate (it doesn’t take long). The edges curl, the top layer begins to separate and it seems like you are gently pushing a gel off. I then gently separate them from the nail bed with an orange stick or cuticle pusher, but I never peel, even after soaking in remover.
      The wraps do protect my weak nails, especially when I do the removal properly. My nails don’t rip or break like they used to. When I need an extra boost I use the Jamberry nail strengthener base coat w horsetail extract. It’s great stuff and you can wear wraps on top of it.

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  5. Hi! Thanks for this information. I have pretty dreadful nails and found Jamberry helps my nails look pretty and protects them from breakage so they were actually growing! I was dismayed, though, when I took them off last time and found the same kind of damage you mentioned! I did use coconut oil, but probably didn’t soak them long enough. I left my nails uncovered for a day or so and found they were breaking! I put wraps back on and ordered some cuticle oil and base coat! Thanks!

  6. @Kathleen and @Miriam. Have you found that the probably is 100% solved? I love my Jams, but it scares me that they might be damaging my nails. I’ve had some tiny white lines at the tip and it worries me. I have been using the Jamberry remover but I can’t tell if it’s better. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Annie,
      I’ve used jamberry for over a year now and I really can’t emphasize enough the importance of removal technique. The best way I’ve found is to soak it in acetone, scrape the disintegrated wrap off with an orange stick, wipe and immediately dip into coconut oil. My nails look and feel great after this.
      I also periodically put the strengthening coat on and sometimes give my nails a few naked days too. 🙂
      Also nail oil. It’s so important to keep the cuticles hydrated.
      I have very weak nails. Not everyone needs that much TLC for their nails, but that works for me.

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