To Cast Whatever Comes

The cleaning streak has run its course.  The couch is moulding to my rear …and, judge if you life, but I’m sort of okay with that.  I’ve been ready to pull my hair out more than a few times lately.  Most of my parenting is done solo with a nurse to observe (and last week it was a new nurse, which makes me question myself more than usual).  And the girls (3 and 5 years old) make me wonder – are these the same hormones that will wreak havoc in our house when they are teens?   Could they be going through puberty?  Is this a shadow of things to come?  All that to say, there is a LOT of training going on here, AND a huge need for consistency.  But consistency doesn’t come easy when you have this sprint/park-your-rear-on-the-couch rhythm.

But…imperfect as it is, maybe this stopping starting rhythm – maybe it’s not so bad.

Apparently the 3-year-old is cracking up her teachers all day, and that PLEASES me.  There is a thin line there, and I’m happy they fall on the sense of humor side.  Perhaps this is what helped me remember today that I have a sense of humor somewhere in there too.

So tonight when the kiddos didn’t listen – I looked for the plugs in their ears and tickled them into hearing me. Not something for every time my kids need to listen, but something to relish!

Oh, and the lady with the pristine yard…her life isn’t so pristine.  My 5-year-old asked to take a card over to her.  She told us that she must be lonely.  And so we tuned into what 5-year-old eyes could see so clearly.  We took our whole family over Sunday and just sat and listened (and prayed the kids wouldn’t break anything).  This lady – Kids far away, age has pulled away her independence, and she’s in shock.  86 years depending on your own 2 legs to get you where you want – and they’ve obeyed without fail.  What to do when they don’t listen anymore, and when family is far away?  It took the tugs of a 5-year-old to get me to see past the pristine yard.  And being able to do a tiny bit for someone – it does a soul good!  Why do I turn a blind eye more than I seek these things out.  The kingdom of God – it really is for those with a child’s eye’s isn’t it?

And tomorrow….oh tomorrow!  It’s a BIG deal and it’s not a big deal at all.  Our future hinges on it and it doesn’t. I speak of THE big test.  My husband has studied for it for the better part of a year.   Now – it’s here.  I do not know where our income will come from in a year, or where we will live, but I know that our future is certain.  I know that the plans that God has for us have already been laid out, we need only to put one foot in front of the other and walk forward.

And there are some very exciting events lined up in the next 2 months that blow me away, and make me bite my nails.    (Hopefully, they will find their way to the blog!)

And there is this other thing – prayer.  I know that my God hears our prayers.   I know that he’s a father that loves for his children to confide in him, that takes pleasure in their close proximity.

So today, the thread-bare moments, the laughter, THE test, the future, the lady with the pristine yard, I lay them at your feet Father….and I thank you for the precious friends that lay them there alongside me.  I thank you that we are not meant to walk alone, and I praise you that even my lame sprint/crawl or sprint/park-the-rear rhythm can be a good thing…that it can keep me coming back to the fountain that never runs dry.  – Amen.

And to you amazing friends,  I just know it!!!   Silly as it sounds, I just know that someone out there has been praying away Kate’s knots!!!  They are a VERY rare site these days.  And more than that – in all of life’s tangles I feel the prayer and support of the precious friends and family that lift our family up to Jesus.  Thank you friends!!!!  He hears.  He answers.  He loves – in all things.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. – I Peter 5:6

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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