Happy Birthday, Baby!

Press Play for the full experience!

{silly me – can’t figure out how to set this to play automatically, so please humor me, and maybe one of these days I’ll take the time to make a rockin music video w/ old pictures}

Oh son,  Happy Happy Birthday!

We are just hours from the 8th anniversary of that painful and wonderful push that brought you into this world. How could I ever forget my first glimpse at those pouty lips and puppy dog sweetness!?!  You are my one and only, my precious and BRAVE boy, and I love you, son!

Between Psalm 23 and this song, which just happened to play something like 3 times today, it’s the perfect day to remember.


Your daddy had just come home (from a couple months away), and within 24 hours I got to meet you too!

How can I be so blessed?!!!

I know you have to work hard in so many areas, and that you’ve had pain and frustration that I can’t fathom.  I say these words and images flash – surgeries, hospital visits, and worst of all –

things that couldn’t be fixed.

They were before you were old enough to remember…and after,

and I know – I know you are much older than 8-years-old.

Pain can bring wisdom, and I pray that you’ve at least won that prize in these battles fought.

There is no getting around it, 9 days after your birthday kernicterus (jaundice) did an AWFUL thing to your body, but the thing that I thank God for every day is that it did not take YOU –

I celebrate YOU –

Your beautiful blue eyes,

Your smile,

Your laughter that resonates through an entire room,

Your hilarious sense of humor,

Your bravery, my soldier,

Your HARD work…the way you give everything your all,

Your love for beauty (and beautiful girls!),

Your hands,

Your voice (it’s there and I know you work on it every day).

This day, you are my baby, my baby boy.  I hold you in my arms, and I cry happy tears, to look into your face, and celebrate the life that is yours.

You came into this world, and made me a mother – and it’s in this place – in this role, that my eyes shift – that I see HIS love for you – for me – the way He holds us both in his arms as we walk through shadows.

The shadows loom so large that, sometimes, I think they will swallow us whole.

But these shadows, these ominous shapes of things,  we need not fear them.

The valley of shadows cannot take us.

He is WITH US.

He will never leave us or forsake us.

We are in HIS ARMS, every bit as tightly as I held you in my arms that first night, 8 years ago.

Happy Birthday, son!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Baby!

  1. Happy Birthday dear Blue!! We love you so!! Never, ever, ever, ever.. give up!! Rees, Dana, Lee & family

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