The Preventable Tornado

Today, I'm writing over at PICK's new site

To read my first post for PICK, click here.  (The site is under construction, so please bear with us)

You know my story, most of you. You know that I have a big heart for the silent epidemic that is KI.

This week Blue and I head to DC with 4 other KI moms and 2 other kids with KI.

Getting there is quite the battle! A couple of us balance careers with this almost full-time volunteer work. One mom is looking at loosing her house. Another is facing serious health issues of her own. Another is a military wife with 3 small children. …and of course, we live with the daily demands and wreckage that KI brings.

You guys know that I’m a grace seeker…I see the beauty that can come in the hard and bitter providences…but the flip side, is that I also feel VERY compelled to SPEAK UP.  This is a battle that needs to be fought!

Unless the victims cry out – change never comes. People live unaware unless we speak. So we, these moms with some pretty full plates…we are using our voices to support those on our team at PAS and to get the word out!
Please pray that our voices would carry!

(site is under construction, so please bear with us)

if you'd like to email, you may do so at arearrangedlife at gmail dot com

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