The Best Love Stories

I’m tired. 3-hours-of-sleep-last-night kind of tired.  A bit-obsessive-about-the-battle-tired.

I know many other tired moms.  I know a lot of tired special needs moms…one mom that just can’t take another day of cleaning up her 14 year old’s bodily fluids.  (My apologies for the gross factor…but you get the picture…TIRED.)

So, as Valentines Day awoke, so did my day – with more than a few squabbles among the girls about who did what, scratching, cutting balloons loose – the drama that makes me want to laugh and cry.

At the dawn of this day, I had the thought: the best love story’s are the William Wallace Braveheart kind of stories.  Not so much the cute ones that come with cards and roses, but the down and out, underdog ones – the epic, about-to-loose-it-all and grasping-on-with-all-you’ve-got stories!

You know….disinfecting every square inch of a bathroom, fighting for your child’s rights in an IEP for hours, spending hours on the phone with vendors and insurance companies to straighten out bills that shouldn’t exist – all because somehow there is a system error, having to rearrange your life for a lift that is broken on your van for 2 months.  It may not sound like a Braveheart kind of thing….but you know…I think it just might be.

God has this whole never-dying, never-giving-up love for us…and maybe, just maybe  we love these stories because they are meant to remind us of the greatest story ever told.

And maybe, just maybe, we LIVE these stories, to feel in our bones the depth of the greatest story ever told.

One of my friends with her daughter who had gone through a day of therapy and then a long conference call about KI (kernicterus).

4 thoughts on “The Best Love Stories

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  2. Yes. Yes, sometimes all the things that dare mess with our fantasies of order and planning and the good life, are the blessings that keep us in the hands of our amazing God…. because we stay in touch of our inability to do anything good on our own.

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