Well.  I’d like to say that the last post went out in error due to my feverish 4-year-old playing with the iPad.

BUT…it was me – all me.

I had just jotted down some thoughts and accidentally posted them as a blog.

I’ll clean it up and make it more presentable.

My apologies to my subscribers!

Just so there is something fun to look at, I’ll include pictures.  (Been playing with a lens!)


our green giants camellia in bloom holly berries spider web? in grass from our pine

4 thoughts on “oops!

  1. Hi Miriam, nice depth of field. What lens and camera are you using? It’s very difficult to edit yourself. I offer to edit before you post. I do appreciate your thoughts

    • Hi Brian!
      I used a Tamron 60mm F/2 Macro 1:1 on my Sony a65. Working on the editing now. Thanks so much for posting and appreciating my somewhat scattered thoughts! 🙂

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