The T-shirt and the Turkey

Counting gifts today and pondering perspective via lessons with the bird…my first bird!

1160. overwhelming gratefulness for this family

1161. for the moments of snuggles with my 2 year old whilst she sucks all 3 of her middle fingers

1162. for the amassing desire my boy has to communicate, to make choices, to impact his world

1163. even when technology fails him, this desire presses on and we find ways to give him choices – to give him a voice

1164. for the growing knowledge in me that…um…of just how little I know, for one thing…and then

1165. that I can rejoice in my “imperfect successes” that I can celebrate them…that I can press on.

1166. laughing about cutting the turkey wide open TWO hours before it was done

cooked on the outside.

raw on the inside.

“Tie the bird up!  Fast!  Back in the oven!  Guests coming!”

no twine to be found

tied it up with strips from an old t-shirt

back in the oven

the turkey actually turning out beautifully…by God’s grace certainly – not any skill on my part, obviously!

1167. also for the layers of this thought that stay on my mind:

Do we really have ANY perspective on where we are in the scheme of things?

I might think a friend is more spiritually mature, more together, more thankful, a better wife, a better mother, but really….really?

The Christian woman that has a better understanding of how to manage her kids and serve God in her home, may be failing utterly in reaching out to others, or letting others serve her…or…the list could go on forever.

I laugh to think how many 100’s of areas there must be on our report cards with God, and how we all are at different stages in different subjects.

It’s really a beautiful thing.  Those of us falling behind in one subject are likely ahead in another and we can carry one another along.

And then the issue of thinking that you are ahead in a subject, only to find how really far you are behind.  Pride.  Can anyone ever get ahead in with that one?  False humility always triumphs…oh but for Christ! WE can’t do any of it alone.  He IS the “fount of every blessing!”

We only see the exterior.  Who is to say how raw the inside really may be?

Do those of us that serve know how to let others wash our feet?

Do those suffering know how to reach out with those struggling with complacency?

How much grace do I have for others as they learn the lessons?

Aren’t we all being trained to serve a bit of a different function anyway…so maybe we aren’t all meant to excel in every area…although we are all called to press on.

I used to sit in one type of church and judge another type of church.  Granted I never would have said it that way, or admitted it, especially to myself.  But…I judged.  I judge today in ways that I will only be able to see looking back.

I was wrong.  I’m wrong a lot.  Thankfully, I’m not always right.

That crazy turkey made me slow down and laugh out loud…to soak in the joy of the moment, the hilarity of the t-shirt wrapped round it.  Sometimes I’m thankful for the times when things get shaken up.   I’m glad for the change in perspective – shifting focus is such a good thing!

2 thoughts on “The T-shirt and the Turkey

  1. Miriam, this is such a great post! I love hearing stories of first turkeys! The same happened to me the first time I made one 🙂 But i love this line: We only see the exterior. Who is to say how raw the inside really may be?” I actually wrote a post about Advent and how ever since this summer I feel very raw in my relationship with God.

  2. When I went for my F/A interview many yrs. ago they had us all have a one on one interview with a psychologist.
    He said I was resourceful. I did not tell him that I did not know what he meant. I looked it up later.
    You are exactly what the dictionary described as ” Resourceful”. Love ya and I’m delighted about the old T-shirt and the turkey!

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