Gift In Being Present: a Toad

So I just bought this fabulous book: 15 Minutes Outside.

It hadn’t arrived yet.

We NEEDED to get outside.  I had No plan.

Before anyone praises me as a mother, you must realize that I am a horrible failure as a mother in many ways.

One of them is quality time.  I RARELY unplug enough to be…


Yesterday, I had no plan, just desperation to get them outside – to enjoy nature. 

Trickier than it sounds when you have a child that cannot get himself to nature.  I decided to carry him…all 60 lbs of him.  He supports himself some for a sort of toe walking that he does, but I knew I could only last so long.  I was just praying we’d get to see, smell, hear enjoy something worthwhile before we had to plop down. I didn’t dare imagine it might stay with us wherever we planted ourselves.  B and I were both were dependent.  The girls came along too, free to explore on their own.

The gift we were given is this amazing toad.  He was willing to:
  • Sit still in front of a wiggly child for 10-15 minutes,
  • Put up with the girls getting in his face.  (They next became a mess of static hair in the tent, sharing screams and giggles, all right beside this majestic little amphibian.)
  • AND, even more amazingly, let me hold a hot-pink iPhone in his face (6 inches from it) while that wiggly kid was in my arms!
  What a toad!

So how about you?

How are you getting out there?

How are you making yourself unplug and be PRESENT? 

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