Sample Sale

So I set out to do a little business, to tell you about my fabulous sample sale, and I just couldn’t do it, not without an update first.  So see previous post for update, and my business page, Be The Bling for this sale of items from the Noonday Collection

These are some of my favorite pieces with stories that are real…that make a very tangible difference in lives around the globe.

We are talking gorgeous turquoise paper beads that took a family off the streets and shimmering earrings made from the bullets of past wars in Ethiopia, all giving dignified jobs to those who were otherwise living in abject poverty.  When I say it’s cool stuff, I really mean it, and you can check it out here.

All purchases also come with a gift valued at $15 for your nails!

Let the cuts make you shine brighter and use all you can to #bethebling!

Screenshot 2014-08-08 11.55.38

if you'd like to email, you may do so at arearrangedlife at gmail dot com

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