Spicing up Vacation

So, if your vacation gets a little boring, I know of one way to spice it up – sit your rear on a glass table and see what happens.

You might just get to have the most beautiful ambulance ride ever, and even get a new “Life is Good” outfit out of the ordeal, or …

you may die.


As you may have guessed, I didn’t die.

Kate and I were doing a puzzle, and I had perched on the corner of that table when after a few minutes it suddenly it gave way, and I fell through the table, sitting inside the frame with glass everywhere.

sorry for the gory pic!

sorry for the gory pic!

My poor husband was just trying to get a break, a rare nap.

My not-playing-around yell for him had him front and center in no time, taking in the bloody mess.

There he was, looking stupefied. How?  How was it that my highly trained medic didn’t seem to know what to do!!  And surprisingly I had time for a few sarcastic thoughts to run through my head.

…so then, (I can be a tad bit bossy) I started commanding him to tie my son’s pj’s around my arm.

As it turns out, the guy is smart.  He knew better than to respond to the first blood he saw without  first making sure that I wasn’t more critically wounded.  …and how I fell through 1/2 inch thick glass w/o severing a vein, an artery, a tendon, slicing into an organ – I DO NOT KNOW!)

Warning shot across the bow, God?  Miriam must learn to not sit on a table while doing a “Doc McFluffy” puzzle!

Poor Kate was terrified.  How could a doc McFluffy puzzle go so wrong? M was concerned…about her own micro cut.  Can you blame her?  She had a drop of blood, like a whole little bead!

Blue was worried but holding it together, but in no state to run out the door (it would take an hour to get meds, diaper on, feeding pump etc ready and get everyone out the door. )
Long story short, the guy I married has smarts.  He called 911.   I then had a beautiful ambulance ride 60 miles up the beach (while I prayed I wasn’t taking up resources that someone else needed more), lots of stitches on left arm where some muscle was cut and right thumb where miraculously vein and tendon were all exposed but not cut.

Hours later I walked across the parking lot, all bandaged up in bloody pjs to join my fam for lunch.  (The brilliant hubby man also decided to entertain the kids nearby with food, rather than expose them to the worst germs the OBX could serve up!  Another pat on the back for that man!)  But back to the walk across 2 parking lots with fresh stitches, a splinted arm, and stained clothes…  Nothing to stare at here folks! …not the zombie blood stained mom, the 6ft+ parents, the service dog, the cute kid w/ CP, the 9ft+ van, the loud wild little self tattooing girls…none of it.

I then got some new duds at “Life is Good.”  Ya’ll know this whole thing was a plot to get the clothes, right?  😉

But the name?  How perfect is that?!  (It may sound wrong to you, but seeing that look in my husband’s eyes, knowing he could have lost me, that my misplaced rear could have radically changed life, I did and do feel that life, that God, is good.)

Now, you should know that the next day I kept accidentally calling them “life is short” clothes –

also true.

Back to the beach.  What better to do when your day is hijacked and you are now 60 miles from the rental house?  Go to the movies! Get fro-yo for dinner!

Lifting, swimming, showering, the beach…they all became challenging – you know, like, for the first time ever I couldn’t play and help the kids, so I had to just like, sit there and enjoy myself, take pictures.  Torture. Sheer Torture!!!  (Seriously though, it wasn’t bad at all, especially considering how much worse it could have/should have been!)

I’ve stressed and worried about a LOT of things in life.  I’ve felt like we always got the short end of the stick for years…but now, even in our own brand of crazy….I FEEL BLESSED…blessed to be here, blessed to be a momma, a wife, a daughter…blessed to be beloved child of God…and to be along for the adventure (…and let’s not forget, I’m also blessed to have superman for a husband, he’s been proving that more every day!)

The whining happens too, but not right here, not right now, because there is more than 1 way to view a thing, more than 1 way to focus.

(I took these pics within seconds of one another.)



I know my whole ordeal is so dang interesting that you just HAVE to have a reenactment of my stupidity, so here you go!  (My kids got a kick out of it!) From now on I’ll take my dad’s post-event advice.  I’ll keep my arse off the glass…and praise God for the things that make me slow down and savor the blessings!

entertaining the kids, sitting IN the table one last time, minus the glass


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