Jumping In


Sometimes it’s not so easy to jump in.  And what if someone is carrying you?  And what if you can’t swim?   But…
What if he will never let you go?  What if he’s doing it for your ultimate joy?


Cardboard boxes are about to carry our things.  These precious little people are about to load up in a couple of weeks. Home is about to head out on wheels, from the sandhills to the plains.

A wild journey for this little family is about to commence, and I hardly know how to breathe.  There are challenges galore…but there are blessing aplenty too.

This wild step, the many if’s…it’s a leap of faith like nothing we’ve done before, uprooting career and home, and HEALTH INSURANCE, and a million school details, and all dwelling in dozens of uncertainties.

I don’t really know what to tell you, but I know I need to write, to relate the story and the beauty that is unfolding in this vulnerable place.  

I still dwell in that Sunday of singing with eyes closed and facing my fear of the road ahead and hearing the whisper to look behind – to see the treacherous roads HE has already carried us over.  Ebenezer.  He is faithful.  He has brought joy into what looked like a wasteland.

So I dwell in this day.  I dwell in this mess, and I relish the laughter and the silliness, and I share it with you.


In our last days with a pool here in North Carolina, the hubbs has been taking the kids swimming every night…and the funny thing is that the dog has taken to swimming to (it was only a couple weeks ago that he fell in.  In his panic and sinking it was obvious that he couldn’t swim.  As I reached in to fetch the floundering pup my son was dying with laughter!   He loves to watch this dog be silly.)

And call us crazy, but just because the boy is in a wheelchair, just because he can’t sit or speak, or swim…it doesn’t mean he can’t go under water!  He has never struggled with respiratory illness to speak of and even though he holds his mouth wide with excitement, he doesn’t choke…so he and his wild daddy and dog do this…over and over again.  And the boy is SO happy in this ridiculous surrender…in the rush of it all!  He trusts his father.

Only God.  Only God could bring us from grief to laughter.  Only God can give us joy in a life uncertain.  Only God can spring life from the seed that dies.

…and don’t get me wrong here, 15 minutes of fun and a happy attitude riiiiight NOW, doesn’t mean that I won’t have to struggle in the next 15 minutes with sheet panic about the new house closing, or this house selling, or the new schools.  It’s certain. I will panic.  I will ugly cry.
…and I will remember to look over my shoulder, to surrender my burdens, to just jump in, and to know that He will hold me fast all the while!

Our dog, when not too busy being a puppy, doubles as a service dog.  He is 1/2 Cane Corso 1/2 Dogo Argentino.

2 thoughts on “Jumping In

  1. AMAZING! Ruth loved the water too but I was always so afraid her face would go underwater! Who knew this was possible? Just like I am praying for your move, that you’ll be looking around in wonder at what God has done and saying, “Who knew?”

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