The Work of Being Still


Working to be still.

That’s where I am right now.

I’m in over my head, it’s certain (but don’t you go worrying…it’s not bad, I promise).  The details that need to be worked out in the next few months feel more like a NASA rocket launch than a possible move (a fabulous and gigantic leap as my husband seeks to change careers, go back to school, and move us across the country).  …and I’m no rocket scientist, and there are more question marks and “if’s” than answers, BUT in all of the splendid chaos, as I abide, I hear the call:


It might seem smart to work out every tiny detail of our families special needs, and I’m not saying I’m not trying to figure the pieces out.  I am, but I’m trying to do it slow.

I LOVE to be ahead of the game.  But sometimes ahead is behind.  Fast is slow…you know, like shopping for a house, 6 months before you are going to move/buy, at the neglect of family, home, self.

All the good things happen in the slow, but the work of nothingness always shouts above it.

They both call my name right now: the work of being still and the work of nothingness.  The work of being still doesn’t have the fancy ads and the immediate allure, but it quietly calls.  The work of being still calls from the journal, from the laundry room, the kitchen sink, the floors.  It calls in the children’s books on the shelves and tender curls on little heads.

The work of nothingness calls loud from my computer, from my phone, from my fears.  The work of nothingness begs me to line ducks in rows, as if!  …as if I had the power to keep them there.  It begs me to plan and expect and to treat all URGENT things (all beeps, vibrations, tones and banners) as if they were IMPORTANT.

Today, may I…

may we –

slow.  May we work in the stillness.  May we put my phone in a drawer.  May we close the computer and call a friend.  May we give the important power over the urgent…now. here. in the work of being still.  May we pray, may we abide in The Word (the best nourishment to grow stillness).

Stillness does not happen without work.  Stillness must be cultivated.  The weeds will overtake the place if we do not work to grow the stillness.  AND, not only that, when we are still, the battle isn’t ours…it’s not about our lines of rubber duckies forever being blown away – The battle is HIS.

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  – Exodus 14:14

What are some weeds in your life?  

How are you nourishing stillness?

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16 thoughts on “The Work of Being Still

  1. You are SOOO speaking my language! I’m all about Be Still Be Free (obviously)! It might *seem* illogical, but our God’s logic doesn’t ever make sense to us, does it? Yet it’s always perfect. You’re doing it the right way. Be still first…the rest will come. Praying for you!

  2. You are SOOO speaking my language! I’m all about Be Still Be Free (obviously). It might *seem* illogical, but our God’s logic doesn’t ever make sense to us, does it? You’re doing it the right way. Be still first…the rest will come. Praying for you!

  3. Ugh. Good question! I’m trying to de-clutter the house. We’ve been here almost 6 years & we’ve added people but NOT square footage. I’m tired of spending time on the clutter & not the clutter-makers.

  4. Working on being still at least some point during the day. There seems to be distractions all around, phone, computer, radio… but when all is quiet, even if I’m still working, my mind can really start to pray and commune with my Lord. Thanks for the reminder to keep this up.

  5. It was such and encouragement(and a good reminder) reading this the first week of school! I love hearing what is going on in your life and your family:) thanks for sharing Miriam!!

  6. Oh, Miriam! I’m so glad you tagged me for this post. Not because of the give away (although that’s awesome!), but because it is a much-needed reminder. Especially today. Tuesdays are so crazy here and my heart, mind, and body all race from the time my feet hit the floor in the morning until my head hits the pillow at night. Your words calmed my heart, even for just a few moments, and I feel the peace and strength to take the rest of the evening at a slower pace, trusting the Lord to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. Thanks for sharing what God is doing in your life!

  7. The constant pull between “being” and “doing” – and how the important always surfaces in those still moments. And somehow, those still moments help pull the weeds… So many things crowding and so important to notice which are the weeds and which are the keepers. Sorting lots of this out these days!

  8. I’ve spent a great deal of time weeding through my life during these past few months. Some of it’s because our family is growing up and out…downsizing is inevitable. But also, my husband and I have been gearing up for missions for quite some time and that requires letting go of a lot. Thanks for this breath of fresh air!

  9. What a good post! Yes, I so have trouble taming “the tyranny of the urgent.” We are moving this summer, too (we must catch up!), and so I am trying not to house hunt too early, either. But I have begun the process of purging! More importantly, though, is my online life. I fear that I am too frequently found at the computer (surfing blogs – oh the irony!) instead of being with my children. I always need reminders like yours, so thanks!

  10. Oh Facebook, how I love thee, no hate thee, no love thee? Hoping to cut out Facebook ‘breaks’ during my day so I can focus on my children during the day. Pice been thinking about scheduling time off from screens during our mornings, so I’m not so tempt edit o roll out of bed and checkin on Facebook immediately. Speaking of which, my child is screaming in the other room. I should go, but I want to stay here, no, I should go…

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