14: Wheels for the World

wheels for the world

I wonder if all pretty stories aren’t tattered around the edges.

Mine sure are.

I’ve looked forward to this day with joy –

to see this start line –

a wheelchair being rearranged to help a child.

5 years of my boys life have been in this chair (well, technically).  It’s been rebuilt 10 times over, but always that same “toxic green,” changing over and over to fit a growing boy, replacing bolts stripped by his wild movements, forever lengthening to accommodate the inches that he adds in a rhythm much too fast for me.

Today it was given a number.  Today it began a long journey – a journey to a child in need.


It will be on it’s way to a child far away, a child who has perhaps…

lived for years on the floor,

perhaps getting around…

in a wheelbarrow.

But before I got there, before I could focus on the beauty, I spent too much time scrounging for parts.  I also seemed to think that a 1 hour drive would take 30 minutes.   I was late.  I hated that I was going to be late.  I think my pride was in play there…must have been.

A speeding ticket was acquired.

I didn’t cry, but I’ll admit it – I was frazzled.

And being “frazzled” led to getting lost…on a route I’ve traveled 100’s of times.

Still no tears.

Then, the lady receiving the chair was super nice when I called to find the right way

….and the tears came rolling.

Tears about far more than a speeding ticket or being lost.

I got myself together before we finally arrived, and was able to take it in –

the rearranged beauty in this day:

– hands passing a chair along

– to a distribution center

– to volunteered trucks from industry

– to a prison where it will be refurbished by prisoners as a part of a work program

– to a developing country

– to the hands of therapists volunteering their time, traveling across the globe

– with words of the love of Jesus

– into the hands of a family that has never had the power to push their child,

the gift of mobility,

out of their home.

The gift of mobility is no small thing.  It’s a beauty to behold (even if it is bitter-sweet)!!!  Very thankful for Joni and Friends and their Wheels for the World program!

And since I’m not trimming edges, I will tell you – on the way home I did…

manage to spil a 1/2 cup of coffee INTO the dash of our van, but

Rough edges and all, I call this day a win!

It was a huge plus to get to witness something so much bigger than my little trials.

(And I won’t lie.  It was WONDERFUL when hubbs took the helm later to give me a break, because let’s face it,

sometimes the tatters get the best of you for longer than you’d like to admit.  It takes time to pull yourself back in, and to let them go).

I have a vehicle and health insurance and equipment that my child needs to hear, speak, sit, stand, walk, bathe etc.

So many children in the world aren’t nearly so fortunate,

but there is a hope and joy that supersedes all trials.  I need reminding.  Just seeing that sticker on the chair today somehow reminded me, that:

rough edges and all, the good stories are still worth telling, and worth living.

31 days rearranged beauty

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