The Thorn that Pulls Back the Veil

I highly recommend this video.  I’ve looked up to Steve for a long time.  I’ve known Steve as 100% able-bodied man since I was 10.  To see him now in a wheelchair brings tears to my eyes, but his perspective is right on target!

If you need encouragement in dealing with any kind of pain in your life, watch this video!  

A great book to dig into on the Topic is Joni’s A Place of Healing.  I’m reading it now and reveling in her very similar perspective on pain.

Steve, I am SO thankful for your voice!

3 thoughts on “The Thorn that Pulls Back the Veil

    • Thanks Robin! It’s always so encouraging to find friends in the faith through the blogging, and I’ve so glad you found Steve too! I’m so grateful for the people that serve as watering stations to grow our faith and refresh us in this race! All His perfect planning!!!

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