Here’s to One Week Offline!

Here’s to celebrating one week without blogging!  I wasn’t sure I’d make it, funny as that sounds – being a brand-new blogger…I really do love this gig!  I decided to make the attempt because I really wanted to be fully present for vacation.  I knew we’d need “all hands on deck” and being offline was a choice I do not regret!

Vacation stirs things up quite a bit for me, and I suspect I’m not alone.  Whether you have special needs on your plate or not – Vacation does not always equal blissMore on thoughts on that tomorrow! 

For now, this is my favorite picture of the trip.  If  I could express my thoughts on it all in one picture, this would be it.  So straight from my camera on my phone to you:

The water was glass in motion, the storm was rolling in and I couldn't love my boys more!

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