5 Minutes of Joy – Flowers and Concrete

 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.Psalm 136:1

(This verse was displayed on the gas-pump I used last week.)

On Mondays, I take five minutes to write the things that I am thankful for.  I say 5 minutes, but maybe that’s just an ideal.  (It’s easily can add a few hours to fix all of my typos and round-up pictures!)  I make an effort to do this daily, but on Mondays I share! This project has been a HUGE blessing to me! I’m not sure that there’s a better way to start the week!  So without further ado, these are gifts that bring me joy:

The wide open arms of the deaf community toward my son!

B putting his arm around M.  M swelling with pride in her brother (and maybe the attention?!)

Family. – Family flying from afar to enjoy just a few days.


Helping hands.

Big smiles as we enjoy moments and adventures together at the beach.

Pancakes with strawberries.

John making a game out of B hitting the pepper shaker off the table.  B all smiles to show everyone what he can do!

Walking – soaking in sunlight, walking to breakfast rather than driving

Infinitely beautiful flowers in-between concrete towers full of people

The Oooocean!!!  – as M called it when she was 2.  (She had urged John not to worry in an effort to calm her own fears – “Don’t worry Daddy!!! It’s the Ocean!  [breaking into song] Theeee Ooooceaan!”  The first 25 seconds of this video have the whole scene.  Thanks, Dad – for fishing it up for me!!!

Little hands, all covered with sand.

Salt water.

A bitter-sweet conversation with a maid from Jamaica that reminded me how good B has it – how good I have it. – This woman has a 12-year-old son in a nursing home in Jamaica.  Like B her son also can’t walk and talk and is tube fed.  Who knows how her heart hurts, or how rarely she’s even seen  this precious boy!!!  Offer up a prayer for her?  She’s been in the states 11 years and has 4 more to go.  Her back is giving out on her, but I know that it must be her heart that hurts the most!

Hours of sweet fellowship (in the back of the van on our road trip) with my mother-in-law.

Although trials seem to come from unexpected directions, blessing do too!

That even in those trials – the story is not yet fully written.  We never know what twist it all will take next!

Laughing with John in a moment when he fully appreciated my sarcastic humor.  (We have very different senses of humor, perhaps a rare thing in marriage, but that’s just how ours was designed, and we are learning.)

Seeing the convergence that happens over time – the ability to meet in the middle more often and to appreciate one another more.

The way that marriage refines us…or can, if we let God work.

The toad that joined us for lunch today.

B’s unimpeded-whole-body-tensing-excitement for such wonders of nature!

The girls – a mix of curiosity and fear toward the toad.

M’s 4-year-old passion for photography.

Avoiding physical blows over a handicap parking space, and lessons learned!  (A whole story of it’s own.  Note to self: Don’t talk to strangers – you never know what brand of crazy will come back at you.  (Needing 4-6 feet clearance beside your vehicle to get out brings on a variety of drama…especially when you make the mistake of crowning yourself champion for the disabled…but like I said…a whole ‘nother story!))

A cookie dough snack and typing time during nap!

Seeing 4-year-old sarcasm in bloom. – M saying things like, “Mom, you are a stick!” and laughing contiguously!

The joy that comes in thanksgiving!

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