Fast and fresher

Yes, I have small children and yes, we eat hotdogs way more than we should. But I recently discovered one way to feel a little less guilty about it.


BTW, my mother saw this and says it’s gross.  But she hasn’t tasted it!  …and more importantly, she doesn’t have 3 little children that can’t help in the kitchen yet.  It’s what I had in the fridge…it wasn’t planned.  It was just my typical, how do I not meltdown right now?  How do I get dinner on the table to these hungry mouths QUICK?  Hotdogs!  Ew!!!  Okay, how do I make it healthy (so reflux doesn’t haunt me tonight)…what veggies do I have?


  • Swiss chard (you could also use collards – they’d hold up better),
  • lettuce,
  • cabbage,
  • bell peppers,
  • leeks,
  • organic hot dogs,
  • goat cheese,
  • whole grain mustard,
  • ketchup,
  • mayo (vegenaise)

(veggies sliced very quickly with a my mandolin slicer…that I could not live without!!!)


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