Life Worth Living

The quote below above is far more worthy or your time than my silly words!  Make sure you read it!  And not just that:  Think about it for a second, before the bustle sweeps you away.

In getting this blog up and running, I’ve recently gone through a lot of memories that are still very raw, almost 7 years later.
When we were told about the disabilitieS (such a big “s” when it feels like the list won’t stop) our once healthy boy could/would face:

There was grief.

There was denial.

There was despair.

And for a moment...there was hope lost....almost.

But hope…it really does “spring eternal.”

For my sweet B and all of my kids, my hope is no longer about walking and talking, how they are perceived by others or whether they will have to struggle…but what is in their hearts…and my heart.

I certainly am grateful for trial free areas of life and I desire minimal suffering…always.  Wayward woman that I am, I’m forever choosing ease over spiritual growth…but is it really my choice to make?

My hope for these precious people I call “my” children is their hearts…that they might look to things eternal…that they might trust HIM, in all of his Sovereign mystery and Grace!

The Works of God

Life worth living is not found in a set of circumstances – whether pleasant or painful. Life worth living is found in a person, the Prince of Life. The Resurrection and the Life. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He has the words of life. And Christ the Savior is the One who will desires to be Lord of your days, as well as your Wisdom for living. When you look to him each day, each minute and hour, your life will count… and it will count for all of eternity.

Joni Eareckson Tada, Making Your Days Count!

The link above will take you to an incredible reflection on a conversation Joni had with a young woman who was dying, and who is now with Jesus.  Take a few minutes and be blessed.

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One thought on “Life Worth Living

  1. I did click over to read Joni’s encouragement. I’m a bit lost on the divine math but I love her perspective which has so much hope & purpose in it. Thanks for sharing! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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