All done 

The surgeon told us that all went well! 

Blue is now recovering in a room.  And when this tall boy’s bed wouldn’t fit through the door?   Dad was on the floor in his bunny suit before the crowd of nurses even knew what was going on.  (Narrowing the frame of the bariatric bed.)

Pain is quite an issue. Incisions all across chest, and all (and I do mean all) over his head. We counted 50 stitches last time and I imagine he has at least 3 or 4 times that now….and I have no desire to count them.

The good news is that (thanks to our friends with Kernicterus who also have a rough time with pain meds) we’ve found a pain med that is helping so far.

Chewie, unfortunately is out of commission.  He took the blast when Blue got sick to his stomach, but iron man is standing in now. 

Our sweet funny boy with the horrible hair cut had big smiles when he saw his new DBS equipment. He is something else! 

Blue will get his DBS turned on some time next week. 

We are so grateful that the surgeries are behind us now.  God has truly blessed us in so many ways. 

And the shell-shock is still there.  We cannot quite compute all that has gone on…today, this month, the past 11 years.  

Let the recovery begin!  And may the pain be under control as the anesthesia continues to wear off.

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