pre DBS Surgery


Today his Sunday buds layed hands and lifted prayers.  (Are there words for this kind of blessing?!?!  Hands. Prayers. It makes the ground beneath my feet unsteady in the best of ways.)

Tonight we shave his head, we prepare for the scalpel.

Tomorrow isn’t the BIG day, but it’s the beginning.

Tomorrow’s surgery will begin at 1pm.  They will remove the magnets under his scalp (components of the cochlear implants). He will remain under anesthesia for the MRI.  After the MRI they will take him back to the operating room and put magnets back into the cochlear implants and stitch him up.  We should be back home in the evening.  (Thursday we will return for DBS phase 1.)

Our prayers are for:

  • Avoiding infection
  • The correct scans that will not harm him or his cochlears
  • Good clear images that will guide the DBS surgeons on Thursday (the BIG day)
  • Overall safety and success

Now for the whole schebang I have a prayer list that could span states…so many details. So many microscopic things that need to line up.  They can all be summed up in one word – miracle.

And my soul.  I could barely breathe in the baking aisle. The birthday in 2 weeks. Where will my boy be when he turns eleven? I crave safety, but safe we are not.   We are out on a rope here. Out on a rope with a strong hand to sustain, I think.

I believe. Help me in my unbelief.


See previous post for details.

{Our boy should go home tomorrow evening and head back to the hospital Thursday. 

From Thursday he will likely be in through the weekend.  He may not be able to have visitors until later Friday or maybe Saturday.  He is expected to spend some time in ICU after surgery.}

2 thoughts on “pre DBS Surgery

  1. Alea is blessed to have Blue as a friend and she is excited for his new “Super Hero” status! We are so thankful that you are sharing this journey with us. We will be anxious to hear your good news. We are thinking of you daily and will be praying for “miracles”.

  2. Catching up here! Blue stOle my heart when he was 2, and your whole family did so as well shortly after that. Prayers for this journey…for him, the docs, you and Dad and his sweet sisters as you walk this out. So thankful you are with extended family in KS, but miss you much here 🙂

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