Even ridden a roller coaster and visualized what it would be like if the thing de-railed?

Well the roller coaster has taken de-railed, not for me, but for a dear friend that is close to my heart and 1,000 miles away.

If I told you all of the story, it would be like throwing water onto a metal sheet.  It just couldn’t be absorbed.  The human heart can only take so much.  {But please do hang in there though.  I need your help, so hear me out.}  She’s lived through the same unbelievable tragedy of kernicterus with her firstborn Zach 10 years ago and ever since.   Zach has it a bit worse than my boy with super tight tone, multiple pneumonias, hospitalizations etc.

Then, a couple of years ago Vicki was speaking for picK and had her first seizure (and it was no little one – 2 grand mal seizures).  The seizures nearly took her life.  They did take chunks of her memory and greatly altered her life).

Her boy, Zach, has had horrible GI issues for the past year that had worsened to the point of him needing radical and immediate surgery to remove multiple parts of his digestive system including his entire colon on Monday.

No one knows how keeping him comfortable will work from here out.  Adding a colostomy bag to a poor little body with some serious tone and a severe movement disorder?  He made it through the surgery, but has been in ICU ever since with difficulties with pain management, a hard time getting rest, and multiple transfusions.

Last night, another shadow fell. Vicki had another seizure.  It was thought to have ended, but she had no memory and was completely disoriented. It never ended.  The seizure has been going on 24 hours, and she is also in ICU, intubated and on a ventilator.  The next 24 hours are critical, as they are unsure of their success in stopping the seizures and what her prognosis will be.

I can only imagine what her family is going through, and our picK families are beside themselves.

I feels as if we are watching a terrifying version of Hamlet happen to one of our own! “One woe doth tread upon another’s heel,. So fast they follow.”  It hurts and it’s hard to process, and it reminds me that life is not about avoiding pain so much as it is holding fast to hope eternal while in it.  

A few days ago Vicki and I were crying together and reading Isaiah 43 before Zach’s surgery and I still hold to that.

God asks us to pray.

He asks that we knock.

Would you pray with me?

Would you knock with me?

During these critical 24 hours would you fast with me?  (I’m doing a juice fast.)

I can’t see beyond this moment, beyond Joseph in prison, or Job in ashes, or David fleeing for his life…but our God can, and he can bring forth beauty from the ashes, and he did with his own, (as my friend Lauren so beautifully pointed out with her own post about her heart condition.)  Even God’s plan for his flawless son involved pain unimaginable.  I can’t wrap my brain around that on days like this…but the hope that it bought me? that it bought Vicki and Zach?  – I’ll take it.  Praise God that we will one day look back as see all the pain, all the tears, as fleeting moments that better prepared our souls for joy eternal beside the great I am!

Let’s seek him together for Bryan and Vicki and their boys Zach and Caleb, shall we?

Lets link arms across this nation around the world for a family in need of intercession.

{Below are pictures from a better time, a year ago when we were together and updates follow.}

Blue and Zach working SO hard to hold handsvicki and Zach a year ago


For CaringBridge Updates: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/VickiZachDornbos2

Update 4/18/14:
I was able to talk with Vicki on the phone tonight.
Let me say that again, I was able to talk to Vicki on the phone tonight!!!!!!

Is that amazing or what!?!?!  The woman is well aware that she now is a living miracle, to have come through such a mega seizure so well!  She does have her setbacks, and Zach does too.  They will need plenty of time to recover, BUT they are both HOME and celebrating Zach’s 10th b-day!  The colostomy is tough and Zach will need a second surgery, but overall they are just so darn happy to be home and alive and so so so very thankful for the tremendous help of friends and family through this tough time!!!

Can I get an Amen?!?!


4 thoughts on “A CRITICAL 24 Hours

  1. Hi Miriam,

    How is Vicki? I shared your post on FB and have been fasting and praying for her and her family today.

    I tried commenting, but apparently I don’t know my own WordPress info! So frustrated with online stuff, but very touched by your message.


    • Thank you sweet friend! I know this is so hard on all of the kernicterus mothers. We can relate so much. The latest was around lunch:
      Vicki is still in a medically induced coma. Her body has calmed down as has most of the seizure activity. But it has not stopped, any voices, touch, or loud sounds will result in slight seizire activity. The neurologists are going to keep her in this state until they are comfortable that seizure cycle has stopped. Please we are only allowing immediate family in and even limiting that. we are limiting as much external stimulation as possible. Unknown at this point how long she will be in ICU

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